Author: Robert N. Wilkins

Synopsis: As a teenager, Robert N. Wilkins, like other boys at the time, home delivered The Montreal Star in order to make a little extra pocket money for casual spending. Little did he know in those days that much later in his life, he would wind up systematically scouring the archives of this same iconic city newspaper, which printed its last copy in September of 1979. What would begin as search for the obituary of his grandfather’s brother, became a thorough examination of all the editions that The Star put out during the Edwardian era, 1900-1910.

Choosing the year 1909, Wilkins takes us through the colorful and complex lives of those who inhabited Montreal well-over 100 years ago. Using extracts and his own comments, he now gives us a fascinating day-by-day account of our then fast-growing municipality.

Genre: Historic Non-fiction

Published in: 2017

No. of Pages: 614

ISBN: 9781926953526