Author: Matilda Eagen

Synopsis: Leaving home never enters the mind of Matilda, who lives with her mother and stepfather on a farm on the border of Hungary and Austria. Theirs is a hard-working and loving family, but with the sudden death of her stepfather, her mother goes into a decline from which she never recovers.

The young orphan is taken in by a sister and put to work in their household. Her one joy is caring for the baby of the family, who calls her Myia. Her unhappy existence – and that of everyone – is compounded by the Russian soldiers. In the winter of 1956, she is witness to a terrible incident with the soldiers and goes into a state of shock. What follows is an unplanned journey, which unfolds in ways mysterious to fourteen-year-old Myia, who has never before left her village. She is sometimes carried along on this strange journey as if in a dream, and it is only today that she can look back and truly understand the events of the trip and the significance they hold for her.

Genre: Fiction

Price: $18.95

Published in: 2005

No. of Pages: 111

ISBN: 9781896754307