Author: Heywood Graeme

Synopsis: The author, born in the 1920s, looks back at his early boyhood. The story with its imaginary characters is set during The Depression in the fictional village of Magna Dean, on the outskirts of the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England.

Boscoe, Bruce and Curley are pirates of ‘The Brotherhood of the Black Spot’, whose aim is to be ‘pillagers of the worst sort’ while at the same time ‘helping the poor’. They became fast friends in the first year at the village school, where Boscoe had been sent a year early to keep him out of jail and from the clutches of P.C Price.

The boys roam the Forest exploring old barns and fighting the ‘enemy’, often getting into trouble. But Boscoe’s solo exploits are already legendary, beginning with his fall from grace in Ada’s privy. But good deeds also surface, as when they take Miss Pearce for her memorable ride.

Belzer, the wise old sexton, has a lifetime of experiences to share in the churchyard with Boscoe. In his Forest dialect, Belzer spins his tales of Billy Phelps, ossuaries, Longshank Mary, and pealing bells. He is a great friend to our beleaguered hero.Over the years, his boyhood escapades and adventures have stayed fresh in mid of Woody Graeme, who now generously shares them with his readers.

Genre: Fiction/Creative Memoir

Published in: 2006

No. of Pages: 199

ISBN: 9781896754482