Author: Friederike Czerny

Synopsis: From the German, also published by SHORELINE. Friederike (Frieda) is born in Austria, in 1923, and spends her first three years with Fani Tante. She is then reunited with her parents, who, like everyone else, are struggling to make ends meet. Times are hard during and after World War I, and the new Republic is trying to recover and rebuild.

Frieda meets Ernst Czerny, a young Austrian soldier conscripted into the German Army. They marry in 1942, during World War II. Trying to find a job, a place to live and a baby on the way, Frieda is helped by Ernst near the end of the war. These travels, with Peter in his carriage, are fraught with the danger of meeting German SS or Soviet troops or dodging bullets from strafing aircraft.

Margit is born, the war is over and the search for jobs continues. After two years running a small inn beside the Danube River, Ernst and Frieda decide to emigrate. In 1956 the family boards the Arosa Kulm, a ship built with 200 berths and now with 1000, for an autumn trip in the North Atlantic, and sails to a new and better life in Canada.

Through their lives, this little family sticks together, accepts challenges, helps each other, and works hard, as ‘luck’ appears throughout to help lighten their road.Frieda, ever lucky, still lives in Montreal.

Genre: Non-fiction/Memoir

Published in: 2012

No. of pages: 119

ISBN: 97818967549944