Author: Anna Woods

Synopsis: During a 1984 trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Anna Woods was caught in the Mayan spell. Visiting remote villages where only Maya was spoken, and towns where the wealth and business of tourism was growing, she found a strong-willed, gentle people. As an artist, Anna Woods wanted to record the setting, the lives and the impact of change upon the Maya. She did this with the brush and the pen.

Each year, she has returned to the Yucatan. She has established her studio, an arts co-operative and international arts exchange in the state of Quintana Roo. She journeys to villages in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, sketching, painting, and getting to know the people. Her stories are presented in English, Mayan and Spanish.

Yucatan artist Ernesto Calzada says that Anna Woods’ work “represents a new form of appreciating our culture. It is very satisfying to know that a stranger is able to capture with clarity various Mayan beliefs and customs that some of us do not know that well.”

Born the oldest of eight in West Virginia, Anna Woods studied at the University of Michigan. While living in Manitoba, she was a founding member of two arts organization. Now living in Shawville, Quebec, she is very active in supporting the fine arts in that region. One of her paintings was exhibited at the Canadian Museum of Civilization for three years. The Mayan Series has been in five exhibitions in Mexico, and one in Canada, sponsored by the Mexican government.

Montreal artist Ghitta Caiserman-Roth says, “There is pathos and strength in Anna Woods’ work as she searches for a human spirit to animate her aesthetic journey. She struggles to find the mythic in each of us.”

Genre: Non-fiction/Anthology, Art

Published in: 1995

No. of Pages: 80

ISBN: 096987524X