Author: Geoffrey B. Isherwood

Synopsis: Geoffrey Isherwood, a professor in McGill’s Faculty of Education, had been writing “The Book”, the story of his career as an educator. However, when he died in the summer in 1998, part of his legacy was the unfinished manuscript. To complete the story, in 2000 we invited former students and colleagues to contribute personal narratives about how they had “played out their lives”; we were soon overwhelmed with contributions, many being stories of working with and being influenced by Geof Isherwood. Now the book includes stories of many educational leaders. It is also about storytelling. The stories are a dance between some of Geof’s writings and those of his former colleagues and students. Together, they join hands to tell a story of educational leadership. They reveal the unique beat of a mentor and the soul of education. These stories are about that leadership which puts ideas into action by influencing people in ways that inspire and empower. They are the stuff of which education is made.

Genre: Non-fiction/Educational

Price: $21.95

Published in: 2002

No. of Pages: 117

ISBN: 1896754198